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Touring Bikes

To begin with, our Bangkok big bike rental services will allow you to escape Bangkok with a nice motorcycle big and powerful enough to take you on any journey you wish to embark on! Note that all the motorcycles we offer are large. Thus, they weigh around 400 kilos! And yes, these are big motorcycles to remind you of your youth and the feeling of freedom. So you can venture into the mountains or uninhabited places. Or you can venture into the various rivers or lakes that make up our beautiful country.

Our Big Touring Bikes

We offer professional motor rental services with a variety of motorcycles.

Kawasaki Versys 650

Touring bike for expert riders




BMW GS 1200

Stronger & bigger touring bike for experts




BMW GS 1250 Adventure

Best & most exclusive touring bike




Visit Thailand

The world is full of beautiful must-visit places and Thailand is definitely one of them. Thailand offers its visitors a taste of rich culture, crystal blue oceans, green woodlands, and concrete jungles. One of the best ways to explore this beautiful country and discover new unseen places is to travel through Thailand in a way that allows you to be close to nature but will still get you to your destinations. The best way to do this is by travelling by motorcycle. It is important to keep in mind that not all motorcycles are the same.

Each one is built for a specific purpose. The one that is most appropriate and most reliable to travel long distances, while carrying you and your belongings, with a strong and powerful engine are big touring bikes. On these big and powerful touring bikes you will be able to easily travel through tough and challenging terrains without any trouble. You will be able to enjoy your time exploring Thailand because your touring bikes will make it a breeze. 

Visit Southeast Asia

If you wish to explore more of Asia, and not just Thailand, the big touring bikes will be able to carry you throughout your journey. With the big touring bikes you will be able to visit Southeast Asia, which consist of 11 beautiful, unique countries: Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. You can plan your trip from Thailand and explore these surrounding countries on the big touring bikes, which will allow you to experience nature while riding in the open air and being able to make pit stops wherever you wish to. 

Automatic Scooters

Automatic scooter

A great way to beat the traffic in Bangkok. Save yourself some time by easily navigating through traffic jams.

Manual City Bikes

City Bikes

A great bike to explore the streets of Bangkok with, with enough power to cover your for miles.

Big Touring Bikes

Our Big Touring Bikes

A great bike to take on the adventure that awaits you. Explore the regions of Thailand or travel the roads of Asia.

Expert Riders

As we mentioned earlier, not all bikes are the same. Different bikes require different levels of skills to ride, and for these particular big touring bikes, they require expert riders. These big touring bikes are powerful and in order to properly control this beast, you have to have proper skills. So if you have been riding motorcycles for a while now, you are ready to take on this beast. 

BMW GS 1200

The BMW GS 1200 is BMW’s best selling motorcycle, and guess what? We, Motorcycle Rental Bangkok, is the only shop that has these motorcycles available. These bikes are considered to be the best bikes when it comes to big touring bikes. Both the BMW GS 1200 and the BMW GS 1200 Adventure are powered by a 1,170 cc, two-cylinder boxer engine with four valves per cylinder. The BMW GS Adventure has a larger fuel tank and a suspension with more travel. This makes it perfect for travelling long distances without the constant worry of having to stop to refuel.

The BMW GS 1200 motorcycle which allows you to travel long distances alone or accompanied by a person. It is spacious for two people, as well as the belongings you wish to carry with you. You can visit and tour through Thailand or even Southeast Asia on the big touring bikes with ease.

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