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Yamaha GT 125

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Rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok
Rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok

Rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok


฿ 400
  • Honda
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient


฿ 1600
  • Honda
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient


฿ 4000
  • Honda
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient

To make it an easy ride for you, we offer to rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok, performing with a wide-eyed engine and easy handling while capturing memorable moments on the road during your exploration. By providing you an opportunity for a comfortable riding experience we present you with the opportunity to rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok. Enjoy riding your motorcycle from day to night making it as enjoyable as it can be for you.

To rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok is a better solution than renting a car, because the motorcycles being much smaller is easier to pass in between cars and get through lanes of traffic faster, cutting their travelling time. In addition, Yamaha GT is a very light motorcycle. This motorcycle is the perfect motorcycle for your daily routine.

This makes it a perfect to rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok with a punchy torque, easy midrange and quick response, with a short flickable chassis, sufficient handling and suspension adjustment to go for a solo blasting.

Rent Yamaha GT

Yamaha GT Rental

Rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok now! With a sporting intent that can be differentiated in the sense of the character to Triumph the rider, a slightly sharp engine in A-mode configuration. Rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok will give you the boost for predictable and yet a consistent powerful speed, letting you shift the gears with a firm foot during your ride and making it both effective and enjoyable. That’s why rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok is surprisingly smooth and refined with the motor with close to the edge cam timing fueling possibilities, picking up power quickly, pottering easily without a fuss through the city of Bangkok.

Why rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok?

With our offer we like to provide the proper care for when you rent Yamaha GT In Bangkok. When you come to rent the motorcycle which fits your preference  from our wide variety of options available, opt to rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok to ensure you have a fun and exciting time.

It will be very much to your liking when you are able to ride without any delay during the busy traffic time, giving you the joy that you are looking for with renting Yamaha GT in Bangkok. We are here to assist you with your choice of  motorcycle and will provide with all the information that you require to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

Rent Yamaha GT

Yamaha GT Specifications

This motorcycle is made for entertaining you and have with a strong bodywork designed for high speed and comfort.  Rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok now. It is equipped with a stable secondary pad and long swing-arms providing a very comfortable seat. Other specifications that add value and encourage you to rent Yamaha GT in Bangkok are described below.

It is an excellent riding choice for travelling on the road because of its suspension, making it even more fun.

Comfort always comes first as we say it, and when renting Yamaha GT it gives you a greater sport performance and a greater appeal for the rider. What is there not to love? It is really well designed to be a motorcycle for riding through Bangkok and going on an adventure.


4 strokes

certifificate of origin

alloy aluminum


Expanding brake (drum brake) 



more than 80kg

4.5 liters

120 / 70-12 120 / 70-12

Disc Brake

1950 * 710 * 1160mm

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