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Honda MSX 125

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Rent Honda MSX in Bangkok
Rent Honda MSX in Bangkok

Rent Honda MSX in Bangkok


฿ 350
  • Honda
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient


฿ 1600
  • Honda
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient


฿ 3600
  • Honda
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient

To rent Honda MSX in Bangkok is a fun because it is a fun motorcycle to ride and affordable to have. This model is also known as the Grom in the USA and Japan, gladly introduced to the buyers and for renting service to the public in 2013 as a mini streetfighter style designed motorcycle targeted and destined for the younger generation.

It is also fitted with a strong and moderate powerful 125cc 4-stroke PGM fuel, which is injected into the engine to make it running more efficiently and economically. Rent Honda MSX in Bangkok which has a 5-gear speed gearbox that make it easy for the beginners who want to try a manual bike, making it very smooth on the road. It can also travel through a conjunction and still have the perks and pleasures of riding a manual bike.

 So as we mentioned, the best solution to your traffic nightmare is to rent Honda MSX  in Bangkok

Rent Honda MSX

Honda MSX Rental

To rent Honda MSX in Bangkok is very simple, at first it would be best to contact us so you know if the motorcycle you want is available. If so, you can directly go to our office to rent Honda MSX in Bangkok. If the motorcycle is not available, as it’s a very demanding model, it can happen, we will let you know when we will have one available and we can  offer a similar model instead. Of course, everything is done so that you can have the model you want as quickly as possible.

Regarding the rental rules, unlike other places where it is possible to rent Honda MSX in Bangkok, you can pick up your motorcycle at 10:00 am and return it to us the next day at 6:30  pm and we will charge only one day.

Why rent Honda MSX in Bangkok?

What are you waiting for? Rent Honda click in Bangkok and make your trip to Bangkok a magical one!

 It comes in a wide range of vivid colors that reflects the bikes design and personality of the rider.  To rent Honda MSX in Bangkok is very easy, and super functional and fun.

One of our most liked motorcycles to rent and most advised is to rent Honda MSX in Bangkok and the need to make it very exciting for riders to have fun with and enjoy themselves.  After 8 years this model is still quite successful with various small styling evolutions, within the target of next generation in line to use and ride.

Rent Honda MSX

Honda MSX Specifications

To rent Honda MSX in Bangkok means that you get a lively and high-spirited 125 cc powerful engine. It’s the perfect choice for a busy and exciting urban life. All of its success is contributed to PGM-FI fuel injection with a cool EURO5 compliance making it a clean fuel efficient Honda MSX in Bangkok. To rent Honda MSX in Bangkok comes with an extra gear, which means you can now enjoy having various speeds to choose from during your ride. Very fashionable, refreshed and easy to put out bodywork, Honda MSX is a simply designed to rent Honda MSX 125 in Bangkok.


Chain Multi-disc clutch in oil bath

4 T

gasoline 95 Euro4 anti-pollution regulation Fully transistorized ignition with computerized control and electronic advance 12V battery

52.4 x 57.9 mm (2.1 x 2.3 inches) 


4 Air cooling

9.8 hp at 7,000 rpm

10.9 Nm at 5,500 rpm

Electronic injection PGM-FI

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