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City Bikes

Renting city bikes in Bangkok is quite enjoyable because it is a fun motorcycle to ride and affordable to have. Who likes to be in traffic while on vacation? Who likes to be in traffic while you are going to work or school? No one. But you can be sure that in a city like Bangkok, if you don’t take your precautions you still end up in traffic. Renting city bikes in Bangkok is the solution for you.

City bikes are perfect for motorcycle lovers. First of all it is aesthetically very beautiful, and it has a very big trunk in which you can put a lot of things, like groceries for example. In addition, this bike is perfect for long distances, long trips because the seat is very comfortable, and it is very easy to ride. You certainly will not have a problem with that.

Our Manual City Bikes

We offer professional motor rental services with a variety of motorcycles.
Rent Honda MSX in Bangkok

Honda MSX 125

Best bike for beginner manual riders




Rent Kawasaki ZL in Bangkok

Kawasaki ZL 250

Best bike for intermediate manual riders




Ride in Style

Bangkok is a city where image and status is very prominent. This goes for how people dress, what places they visit, what they spend their money on, as well as what they drive. Having a car or bike that is stylish is very important if you want to impress. City bikes are one of the most stylish types of bikes out there. Renting city bikes will allow you to have a stylish mode of transport, and you can choose one that suits your personality because they come in different colours, designs, and brands. They are the perfect bikes to show off, have fun riding, and to get you to your destination.

Manual Bike

Manual bikes work in a different way than automatic scooters. For those that love manual cars, this bike is perfect for you. It works with a clutch lever and physically changing gears at the foot lever. So if you are a speed lover this is also a good bike to enjoy the open roads with. Manuals aren’t just a cool way to show off—they can also help you go faster and more efficiently on the trail.

Automatic Scooters

Automatic scooter

A great way to beat the traffic in Bangkok. Save yourself some time by easily navigating through traffic jams.

Manual City Bikes

City Bikes

A great bike to explore the streets of Bangkok with, with enough power to cover your for miles.

Big Touring Bikes

Our Big Touring Bikes

A great bike to take on the adventure that awaits you. Explore the regions of Thailand or travel the roads of Asia.

Best City Bikes

What are you waiting for? Rent a city bike and make your trip to Bangkok a magical and fun one. These city bikes come in a wide range of vivid colors that reflects the bikes design and personality of the rider. This is perfect for those who want to show off a limit and ride in style. Renting a city bike in Bangkok is very easy, and super functional and fun.

One of our most liked motorcycles to rent and most advised to rent would be our city bikes: Kawasaki ZL, Honda MSX, and Kawasaki KSR. A city bike satisfies the need for riders to have fun with and enjoy themselves. These models are still quite successful with various small styling evolutions, within the target of next generation in line to use and ride.

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