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Honda Zoomer-X 125

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Rent Honda Zoomer-X in Bangkok

Rent Honda Zoomer-X in Bangkok


฿ 300
  • Honda
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient


฿ 1400
  • Honda
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient


฿ 3200
  • Honda
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient

We have an excellent option for all the adventurers out there that wants something that can cater to their needs. It’s time rent Honda Zoomer-X in Bangkok. Our Honda Zoomer-X motorcycle lets you discover your entertainment capacity to find new possibilities. This model has great under-seat creativity free space, which can be opened from the side and its naked structure suggesting an open space for your imagination.

A very popular choice of motorcycle with which riders can go all out on. Our goal for you as our customer is to rent Honda Zoomer-X in Bangkok without any hindrance and other complications. We offer the most exotic motorcycles, well recommended places to visit, how to avoid congestion, and how to be safe on these Bangkok roads.

Rent Honda Zoomer-X

Honda Zoomer-X Rental

to rent Honda Zoomer-X in Bangkok has been a very popular choice among adventurists, tourists and the young Thai riders that want to be part of bike riding culture. This astonishing model of Honda Zoomer-X has become a platform of limitless fun among many youngsters in Bangkok.

An excellent model to stand out in the segment and the colour of the free-form storage under the seat has been designed to contrast with the initial body of rent Honda Zoomer-X in Bangkok, providing you an advantage with accessories on some of the other models. Honda Zoomer-X motorcycle has been considered as the boy’s toy with all the wonderful gadgets for the modern generation, breaking all of the conventional motorcycle design as an entertainment motorcycle

Why rent Honda Zoomer-X in Bangkok?

The Honda Zoomer-X has been designed and upgraded to be the new future face of motorcycle entertainment lifestyle under the “Imagine fun and create out of box adventure” concept for yourself and those around you. It has a incredible 12-inch cast wheel which offers wider tubeless tires with a bigger motorcycle and making it a safer to ride on every turn.

Rent Honda Zoomer-X in Bangkok has all the perks, tricks and style that is appealing to the adventurer of this motorcycle, lets you ride with all the comfort and easiness that is suitable to your wishes. Renting the Honda Zoomer-X motorcycle offers and provides a great opportunity and possibility to cross quite terrain thanks to its outstanding performance with enduring stability and reliability. We will welcome you at our business where you can rent Honda Zoomer-X in Bangkok to explore the city of Bangkok.

Rent Honda Zoomer-X

Honda Zoomer-X Specifications

This versions of motorcycle comes with 12-inch tubeless matte black cast wheel and large tubeless tyres, upside-down shock absorber, 110cc 4-stroke engine with PGM-Fi technology, fuel at 53km/liter tested on Mode ECE R40 standard and state of the art safety combi brake system with 3-pot hydraulic caliper. It is equipped with a very sharp upgraded technology that makes it resolutely serviceable.  Rent Honda Zoomer-X in Bangkok is equipped with a water-cooled four-stroke engine of 50 cubic centimeters, powering it directly with injection, bringing great convenience to the Honda Zoomer-X scooter riders in their daily trips with great comfort.


4 stroke OHC

3.7mm hydraulic disc


130mm drum (equipped with CBS combination brake system)

4.4 liters


Air cooled



8.8 Hp / 7,500 rpm

9.0 N.m / 6,000 rpm

V MATIC type (per band)

ACG ignition (electronic ignition)

Forced by trochoidal pump / wet sump

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