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We offer professional motor rental services with a variety of motorcycles.
rent Honda Click

Honda Click 125

Best bike for beginners




Rent Yamaha Fino in Bangkok

Yamaha Fino 125

Most prefered model




rent Honda PCX 150 Bangkok

Honda PCX 150

Comfortable & Powerful




Rent Honda PCX 125 in Bangkok

Honda PCX 125

Best bike for manual bike starters





Yamaha GT 125

Best bike for intermediate manual riders




Rent Honda Scoopy in Bangkok

Honda Scoopy 125

Touring bike for expert riders




Rent Yamaha Tricity in Bangkok

Yamaha Tricity 125

Stronger & bigger touring bike




Honda Zoomer-X 125

Best & most exclusive touring bike




Yamaha Aerox 155

Best & most exclusive touring bike




Best Rates

Renting an automatic scooter is a good way to save money on your daily, weekly or monthly transport costs. Transport costs in Bangkok can become a very high expense, leaving you with less money to enjoy everything else Bangkok has to offer. This is where we come to save you and your wallet. We have some of the lowest rental rates in Bangkok, so you will surely find an automatic scooter within your budget and cheaper than other rental companies.

We offer a variety of motorcycles in different colors, sizes, models, and at different prices so that you can find the one that suits you and your budget. In addition, it is good to know that we have different rental periods, which allows for longer rental periods. If for example you pick up a motorcycle at 10:00 am and return the next day at 6:30 pm, you will only be charged for one day’s rent, which leaves you plenty of time to enjoy your trip, your sightseeing and your vacation in Bangkok. 

Automatic Scooter

Automatic scooter

A great way to beat the traffic in Bangkok. Save yourself some time by easily navigating through traffic jams.

Manual City Bike

City Bikes

A great bike to explore the streets of Bangkok with, with enough power to cover your for miles.

Big Touring Bike

Our Big Touring Bikes

A great bike to take on the adventure that awaits you. Explore the regions of Thailand or travel the roads of Asia.


Our office is situated in the city center. This makes getting to us to pick up your automatic scooter very easy and convenient making it the best motorcycle rental shop for easy access. It also allows you to make an easy drop off once your rental period of your automatic scooter is over.

The best way to visit us is to take the BTS and stop at PHROM PHONG station, then take the third exit and walk to the entrance of Soi 26. There are two options. One is to walk to our store, it takes about 25 minutes, follow the road from Soi to K village, then turn left twice. The other option is to take a moto-taxi at the entrance of soi 26 and ask it to take you to Soi TAN or Soi Attha Kawi 1. Come give us a visit and get the best automatic scooter you can find here in Bangkok. 

Convenience and Freedom

After only a few days in Bangkok, everyone notices how crowded the city is and how bad the traffic is. Therefore, we decided to take action and find a solution to help people get around Bangkok using our motorcycles, especially automatic scooters. The best way to get to and from different locations in Bangkok quickly is to go to a motorcycle rental and rent an automatic scooter. Having a motorcycle allows you freedom to move around the city whenever you please, whether it is early in the morning, late in the evening or when an emergency pops up.  You can just hop on your automatic scooter and get going.

As for convenience, this is another perk of having your own automatic scooter. It is small, so it can maneuver through traffic, it does not take up much parking space, and its fuel costs and consumption is very low, allowing you to save money. If you want to get around, while saving some money and getting to places easily, then come rent an automatic scooter from us today! 

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