Motorcycle Driving Lesson

Motorcycle Driving Lesson in Bangkok

Travelling with a motorcycle in Bangkok is undoubtedly the most appropriate mode of transportation. It is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to get around this big city. With that said, it is advised to have some motorcycle driving skills, and more importantly, trust in those abilities. Whether you have never ridden a motorcycle before, or simply want to sharpen up your motorcycle skills, be sure to book your motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok with us.

The only true way to ensure you avoid getting into any trouble with the road authorities and avoid fines and pay-offs is to secure yourself a Thai driving permit. In order to get your Thai driving permit/license, you will need some knowledge in how to drive on the roads on Thailand, therefore it is best to book a motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok with us. This way you will be able to learn practically, which will help you during your application for a Thai driving permit/license.

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Paying motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok

We currently offer motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok for manual and automatic motorcycles as well as big bikes. Our goal is to get you on a motorcycle fast but also safely. We do this by ensuring you are paired with a motorcycle of the correct size/style. 

We provide our customers with a brief guideline of the motorcycle and how to properly use it. The practice we give you with our motorcycles are aimed at empowering you and growing your confidence quickly.

While it’s not troublesome, it’s a smart choice to have some trust in your riding abilities before you hit the street of Bangkok. Whether you have never ridden a motorcycle before, or simply want to sharpen up your motorcycle skills, be sure to book your motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok with us.

Motorcycle Driving Class Rates

Automatic                  Manual

1400 Baht                                    1800 Baht

Motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok
Motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok

Where can you find a motorcycle lesson in Bangkok?

Motorcycle Rental Bangkok is located in the centre of Bangkok. This central location makes it easy to access our office. How can you visit us?

The best way to visit us is to take the BTS and stop at PHROM PHONG station, then take the third exit and walk to the entrance of Soi 26. There are two options. One is to walk to our office which can take you about 25 minutes, follows the road from Soi to K village, then turns left twice. The other option is to take a motorbike taxi at the entrance of soi 26 and ask it to take you to Soi TAN or Soi Attha Kawi 1. Feel free to visit us for your motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok.

You can also find us online on social media, or simply contact us via email or call us on +66 90 542 3035.

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Best motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok

What makes us have the best motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok? Well, here are a few reasons you should book your motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok with us:


  • Proficient instructors: you will be prepared by professionals with incredible driving experience.
  • Safe training area: the area used for your training is done in a secluded street where there is very little traffic, making it the perfect area to learn your motor skills safely.
  • Equipment: safety comes first, hence we provide our customers with the needed protection to ensure their safety while they are taking their motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok with us.
  • Safe motorcycle: depending on your level of experience, we will provide you with the best motorcycle to suite your level of experience and also what your aim is, whether it is to learn how to ride a manual bike or just practice on an automatic scooter.
  • City traffic training: once your driving skills and confidence has improved, we take our customers for a lesson in the traffic, allowing them a feel of how it will be driving in Bangkok. Our instructors will be with them all the way to guide them where needed and ensure they are safe at all times.


Now that you know what makes us the best, come give us a visit to book your own motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok.

Motorcycle driving lesson in Bangkok
Koko Maung
Koko Maung
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Ben is cheerful instructor and I had a great afternoon refreshing basic riding skills with him. Tanny set me up a quick appointment for manual motorcycle. She professionally arranged schedule after rain pouring down in Sukumvit. Rent-a-Scoot is located convenient and surprisingly quite area in the middle of city. Rental store can be easily accessible via BTS and a short walk near Villa market. Highly recommend to take lesson before jump onto any motorcycle in hectic Bangkok for own safety. If you do not speak Thai and want a good lesson in Bangkok must go this place.
Divine Madman
Divine Madman
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Best driving lessons in Bangkok. Great, patient instructor and real hands-on practice of turning, u-turns, emergency braking, "slalom" using traffic cones -- all that great stuff to teach and build confidence and prep for the license exam -- unlike some other schools where you just drive around a bit and figure it out on your own. These guys are the BEST.
Michael Julian
Michael Julian
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Fantastic place to learn to ride motorcycle. I made huge progress during my lesson, from being a first timer to feeling confident to ride myself. Very friendly service, great instructor. Highly recommended.
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