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To begin with, our Bangkok big bike rental services will allow you to escape Bangkok with a nice motorcycle big and powerful enough to take you on any journey you wish to embark on! Note that all the motorcycles we offer are large. Thus, they weigh are around 400 kilos! And yes, these are big motorcycles to remind you of your youth and the feeling of freedom.

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Rent BMW GS 1200 Adventure in Bangkok

Firstly, our Bangkok big bike rental allows you to rent a motorbike that you will love! This is the BMW GS 1200 motorcycle which allows you to travel long distances alone or accompanied by a person. Note that to ride this motorcycle you must be an experienced rider or the person driving must be experienced.

Thus, these motorcycles are heavy and it is necessary to have already driven a motorcycle of a certain weight beforehand. Because we want you to be safe and not test a motorcycle that you won’t be able to ride. Then, our Bangkok big bike rental offers you a motorcycle with a fuel capacity of 13 L which will allow you to ride long distances without stopping.

Big Bikes for Rent

Large choice of big bikes for rental in Bangkok

Secondly, our Bangkok big bike rental services we offer alongside our motorcycle rental services offers you a wide choice of motorcycles to choice from. Thus, we adapt to your expectations but also to the budget you wish to have set for your motorcycle rental. So the choice is yours! We have the following brands for you to select your motorcycle from: HONDA, KAWASAKI, YAMAHA and of course BMW. Please note that we have a wide selection for BMW brand motorcycles.

So come take a look at our website to find out more! Have a look through our services, especially our Bangkok big bike rental services.

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Big bike touring in Thailand

Thirdly, our Bangkok big bike rental services allows you to escape Bangkok and discover new landscapes and scenery outside this concrete jungle! So thanks to our motorcycles, you will be able to travel long distances without it breaking down or having to stop often to get gas. So you could venture into the mountains or uninhabited place. Or you can venture into the various rivers or lakes that make up our beautiful country.

Our team that specializes in Bangkok big bike rental services will assist you through the process of renting the motorcycle of your dreams. For this you will need to bring your passport or your country’s identity card. Then, you will also have to bring your license and if you are of foreign nationality then you will have to bring an international license. We will help you sort out the rest.

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Best Bangkok big bike rental

Finally, with our Bangkok big bike rental services you will be able to travel through the cities of Thailand. Thus, you could discover new landscapes and relax during this moment of adventure. So come try a big motorcycle and rent one for your trip. The paperwork is quick and easy to complete with our help. Our team that specializes in Bangkok big bike rental services can answer all your questions you might have. 

What are you waiting? Join us and try take amazing adventure on your big bike! Thanks to our Bangkok big bike rental services, you will be able to rent a motorcycle that corresponds to the budget you have set and also the motorcycle that suits you. So if you are interested, contact us by phone or on our website to get more information. Our team will be happy to help you to rent the best big bikes in Bangkok.

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