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Kawasaki KSR 125

We offer professional motor rental services with a variety of motorcycles.
Rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok
Rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok

Rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok


฿ 300
  • Kawasaki
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient


฿ 1300
  • Kawasaki
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient


฿ 3000
  • Kawasaki
  • 125cc
  • Small & Convenient

We offer motorbike rental services available in Bangkok where you can rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok. In this city, you will soon realize that there are continuous traffic jams and the city is full of visitors. Because of this, we decided to act and suggest various solutions to make it easier for people to get around Bangkok.

Because of our long career as bikers in Bangkok, we felt that motorbikes were the best way to get around the city quickly and cheaply. Our goal now is to provide motorbike rentals with the highest level of customer service, while always offering the most competitive prices. So, whenever you are on the move, do not hesitate to rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok: you can rent for a day, a week, or a month. 

Rent Kawasaki KSR

Kawasaki KSR Rental

It would be worthwhile for you to rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok. We have more than helpful customer service: available 24/7, we can answer your questions wherever you are in the city and bring you assistance. Add to that our location, we are located in the center of Bangkok city.

Another key factor to rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok is the fact that you can Park where you want: You can stop a motorbike pretty much anyplace, so you do not need to stress over orbiting through packed Bangkok parking garages to discover a parking space. A critical benefit that pushes to support the utilization of two wheels.

Why rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok?

Renting a motorcycle allows you to spend the day at your own pace and move around when you are ready to do so. Most importantly, you won’t be dependent on open vehicles and cabs, which are more appropriate for going out in the evening for example. You will be able to save money, as public vehicles (BTS, MRT) are expensive for standard use. To rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok Bangkok will be good for you.

You can leave your home later in the day and return before evening because you won’t be stuck in the city traffic. If you rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok, you may be able to pass other vehicles in traffic and not get stuck for a while: It will be to your advantage.

Rent Kawasaki KSR

Kawasaki KSR Specification

Tiny but assertive and reliable on all types of flooring.

Kawasaki KSR had a distinctive personality called Mini Supersport Bike, KSR 110 with a distinctive personality that is convenient for the ride in city streets full of traffic jams, a sportive look that can also be seen from the head and tail lights, also on the dashboard speedometer. An off-road style with cast-aluminum wheels and you have a sharp-looking supermotard machine. Couple this with a powerful engine and a heavy-duty inverted fork, and the appeal of Kawasaki’s KSR become obvious. So, do you want to rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok?

Superb balancing, ideal dimensions, and small size combine to make the Kawasaki KSR an outstanding choice for beginners. The Motard style is distinguished by a reliable and straightforward 110 cc air-cooled engine, built in a lightweight and space-saving chassis specifically designed for this vehicle. With its low seat height and slender design that enables easy placing of the two feet on the floor, this motorbike is extremely easy to handle and brings a degree of pleasure to match its small size. All in all, this motorbike has a very elegant appearance, rounded off by perfect proportions and performances: you should rent Kawasaki KSR in Bangkok.

2-stroke single-cylinder – type AM6



disc Ø 270 mm


disc Ø 220 mm


100/80 x 17 “


130/70 x 17



Inverted hydraulic fork

hydraulic mono shock absorber

49.6 cc

2.2 kW at 6500 rpm


6 gears

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