Tuk Tuk

Bangkok the city of life has so much for you to see and there’s no better way than to take a tuk tuk ride to roam the streets of Bangkok. Tuk tuk is a small popular vehicle that is mostly used by tourists, it is a colorful and fun vehicle that you can use to get around Bangkok. Tuk tuk can contain 3 or 4 passengers. Bangkok traffic jam is insane, you can be stuck for a while however a tuk tuk is a convenient vehicle which can drive between big vehicles while stuck in traffic.

Tuk tuk gives you the experience of exploring Bangkok in one of their popular stylish vehicle and you don’t need to worry how you will find a tuk tuk they are literally everywhere it is easy to find it. Tuk tuk is known for giving tourists the sense of adventure around Thailand, you can take great pictures or videos. It is one colourful  vehicle with music and it is an open air(no windows) vehicle which you will feel the fresh air of Thailand.


Tuk tuk is a hop on hop off vehicle that tourists enjoy using especially at night, it offers authentic travel experience for visitors. There is no other mode of transport better than a tuk tuk.