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Motorcycle Driving License Service

You just arrived in Bangkok and you want to get your license or make a Thai equivalent of your foreign license : motorcycle driver’s license service is the perfect alternative for you.

First of all, regarding the exchange of your foreign driving license that you want to exchange for a Thai license, we can take all the necessary steps, you simply need to provide us with the necessary documents that we indicate to you then we take care of all the necessary steps so that you can get your motorcycle driver’s license as quickly as possible.

In addition, we offer you driving lessons courses with us. We offer you individual lessons but also motorcycle driving license service courses for several if you want to learn in a group with your friends or family. Our lessons take place in a street which is very empty, which offers you to practice in complete safety.

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How to get your driving license in Bangkok?

As we told you previously, you have two options : the first is to come to Thailand and pass your license in the classic way, that is to say to pass your driving license with driving hours and your code. Another option is to come to Bangkok with an international permit and we will arrange for it to be exchanged for you.

 It should be noted that in Thailand the highway code is not the same as in Europe: it therefore goes in all cases, even if you have an international license you have to pass the Thai code so you can drive safely.

    We still advise you to take a few hours of driving with motorcycle driving license service so that you are accompanied on your first time. This will help you have more confidence in your driving in a country like Thailand where driving is different due to the steering wheel on the right.

We can help you get your driving license

Our motorcycle driver’s license service as we told you, is the best service that can help you get your Thai driver’s license as quickly as possible.

As we mentioned, after having contacted us you will have to provide us with the necessary document for your request: documents such as your international or French driving license for example. Following that, we will start to take your steps.

   Why go through our motorcycle driving license service to exchange your license rather than doing it yourself? It’s simple, we are the number 1 service for converting international licenses into Thai licenses, our experience and our contacts mean that you get your Thai driver’s license very quickly. As long as if you decide to undertake your administrative procedures on your own you will have to wait to have an appointment with the services that deal with permits in Bangkok and this procedure can sometimes take a very long time.

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Best Motorcycle driving license service in Bangkok

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and take your motorcycle driving license services lessons or let us take care of your motorcycle driving license service by doing all the paperwork for you and making your licensing quicker and easier. You can contact us through our social networks such as Instagram and Facebook for more information on our motorcycle driving license service in Bangkok. You can also contact us via the number displayed on our website.

Motorcycle Driving License
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