Where are we finding you?

You can find us at the following address:

39/4 Sukhumvit 26 Road, Soi Atthakrawi1, Khwang, Khlong Tan, Ket Khlong toei, Bangkok 10110

Tel : +669 0542 3035

What document do we need?

In order to rent a scooter, you will need to provide us your driving license and your passport.

Note that we are not keeping your original passport, just a copy of it.

What is the amount of the deposit?

The deposit asked is about 2000 bth for each scooter.

When you are returning the scooter, we are fully giving you back the deposit if the scooter is in the same condition than when you took it.


Do you provide insurance

We are providing a third parties insurance if you are the owner of a Thai or International driving license. Please note that if you have just the driving license of your home country, you will not be covered by our insurance, but you can still rent a scooter.

Can we book in advance?

If you need a particular model of scooter, please call us or let us a message and we will book it for you if it’s available.

Is Bangkok safe to drive?

Bangkok is a crowded city concerning the traffic, but it’s actually quite easy to drive a scooter inside of it. Follow the flow and the driving rules and you will be safe. Be careful with the others road users, sometimes they are not paying enough attention.


Is it possible to rent a scooter for two people?

Yes, we are providing two helmets and only one driving license has to be used for the renting.

Do the scooters have gears?

Most of our scooters are automatic or semi-automatic, this is easier to drive inside of Bangkok.

We can also provide you some manual scooters or motorbikes.

Can you organize scooter tours?

We are a renting scooter company, but also event organizers. We can organize for you a scooter tour in order to discover Bangkok by the road, with the freedom of going where ever you want.

What happened if my scooter disappears or is lost?

If the scooter is missing, you have to call us immediately in order to call the police station as fast as possible. We will charge you about the price of the scooter, so be careful and park in a safe place.

Do I need to return the scooter with a full tank?

No need, you can give us back the scooter with any level of gasoline inside.

What if rain shows when I come to rent a scooter?

We will provide you a rain coat in order to stay dry!

What scooter do you suggest getting out of Bangkok?

For sure, the PCX 150 cc, this is a big one, adapted to hit long time road.

Can you deliver a scooter?

We are delivering scooters for our clients with which we have a trust relationship. For the new clients that would like to rent a scooter, better go to the shop and meet our team and try our scooters.

If I rent for one day, do I need to return the scooter at the same hour the next day?

No need, you can come at any time of the day, we are open from 10am to 6pm. We are only counting the nights of renting and not the days, for one day of renting, you can rent from 10 am the first day to 6pm the following day. We are the only ones in Bangkok to proceed this way.